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Crash Mansion Rock & A Hard Place Playlist 2.13.09
Playlist for Crash Mansion 2.13.09 Danzig- Twist of Cain/ White Zombie- Thunderkiss '65/ Scorpions- Can't Live Without You/ Pantera- Mouth for War/ Judas Priest- Breaking the Law/ Motorhead- Iron Fist/ Megadeth- Hangar 18/ Guns 'N Roses- Better/ Motley Crue- Too Young to Fall in Love/ Skid Row- Psycho Love/ Sugar Ray- Mean Machine/ Love/Hate- Rock Queen/ Strype- Calling On You/ Ozzy Osbourne- I Don't Know/ Bang Camaro- Push Push/ Down- Rehab/ Dio- We Rock/ Danzig- Until You Call on the Dark/ Kyuss- Green Machine/ Iron Maiden- Murder in the Rue Morgue/ Kiss- Cold Gin

Playlist For Attack of the Killer Metal 2.12.09 WWE- Undertaker Theme Song/ Skid Row- Slave to the Grind/ Scorpions- Virgin Killer/ Sugar Ray- Mean Machine/ LoveHate- Why Do You Think They Call It Dope/ Black Sabbath- Disturbing the Priest/ Cancer Bats- Hail Destroyer/ Danzig- Do You Wear The Mark?/ Deftones- Rickets/ COC- Broken Man/ Metallica- Hit the Lights/ Slayer- Criminally Insane/ Pantera- Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath)/ White Zombie- Black Sunshine/ Motorhead- Damage Case/ Megadeth- Five Magics/ Black Sabbath- Lord of this World/ Ozzy Osborune- Flyin' High Again/ Stryper- To Hell With the Devil/ Mastodon- The Wolf is Loose/ Queens of the Stone Age- Regular John/ Dawn of Demise- Intent to Kill/ SOD- Chromatic Death/ Motley Crue- Take Me to the Top/ Judas Priest- Free Wheel Burnin'/ SOS- Frames/ Snapcase- Energy Dome/ Torche- Sandstorm/ Slayer- Raining Blood/ Slayer- Dead Skin Mask/ Lords- Why I Don't Give a Fuck/ Endangered Feces- Nectar of the Emerald Isle/ Pig Destroyer- Trojan Whore/ Whitesnake- Gimme All Your Love/ Death Angel- God vs. God/ Dio- Stand Up and Shout/ Overkill- Powersurge/ Badlands- Dreams in the Dark/ Black Label Society- Battering Ram/ Racebannon- The Hard Way/ Monster Magnet- Superjudge/ Down- Lifer/ Exodus- The Toxic Waltz/ Kingdom of Sorrow- Piece It All Back Together/ Queensryche- I Dont Believe in Love/ Lamb of God- Laid to Rest/ Trouble- Simple Mind Condition/ Shining- Langtar Bort Fran Mitt Hjarta/ Early Graves- First Name: William/ Early Graves- Rest/ Dynamite Club- Pi/ Axel Pudi Peni- Doodlebug Baby/ Anthrax- Among the Living/ Psyke Project- Panic/ From a Second Story Window- Severed Heads Open Minds/ This or The Apocalypse- We Are Debt/ Ratt- Lack of Communication/ Fu Manchu- California Crossing/ Life of Agony- How It Would Be/ Scorpions- Blackout/ Embryonic Devourment- Self Inflicted Cesarean/ Mercyful Fate- Evil/ Nasum- Corrosion/ Iron Maiden- Runnin' Free/ Black Anvil- On This Day Death/ Seizure Crypt- Where the Bodies are Buried/ Leeway- No Heroes/ Clutch- Burning Beard/ Cavalera Conspiracy- The Doom of All Fires/ Belphegor- Armageddon's Raid/ The Haunted- Trenches/ Crowbar- Subversion/ Testament- Souls of Black/ White Fuzz- Keep Your Tongue From Evil/ Metallica- The Day That Never Came/ Clouds- Horrification/ Unsane- Last Man Standing/ Probot- Dictatorsaurus/ Type O Negative- I Like Girls/ Helmet- I Know/ Today Is The Day- Kiss the Pig/ Warrior Soul- Love Destruction/ Poison the Well- Ghostchant/ SSS- The Answer is Never/ Enslaved- Ground/ Samothrace- Awkward Hearts/ Fireball Ministry- Two Tears/ Ghostlimb- Drowned in a Drought/ Distorsis- Free/ Cavity- ON THE LAM.......................

DOUBLE DOWN ATTACK OF THE KILLER METAL DJ SET LIST FOR 1.15.09 Metallica- Shortest Straw/ Metallica- Frayed Ends of Sanity/ Slayer- South of Heaven/ Ozzy Osbourne- I Don't Know/ Machine Head- Aesthetics of Hate/ Mercyful Fate- Curse of the Pharoahs/ Entombed- The Fix is In/ Helmet and House of Pain- Just Another Victim/ Testament- Low/ Scatterbrain- Down with the Ship/ Anthrax-Only/ Propain- Let the Blood Run Through the Streets/ Gojira- Vacuity/ Overkill- Elimination/ Whitesnake- Bad Boys/ Caught in a Trap- Summer's Eve/ VOD- Southbound/ Sepultura- Nomad/ Judas Priest- You Got Another Thing Coming/ Life of Agony- How It Would Be/ Motley Crue- Too Fast For Love/ Cro-Mags- Hard Times/ SOD- Milano Mosh/ Suicidal Tendencies- Pledge Your Allegiance/ Leeway- Defy You/ Stryper- Free/ Megadeth- Tornado of Souls/ Sick of it All- Goatless/ Black Label Society- Demise of Sanity/ Queensryche- Warning/ Dio- We Rock/ Iron Maiden- Wrathchild/ Queens of the Stone Age- If Only/ Sacred Reich- The American Way/ Scorpions- No One Like You/ Sheer Terror- Drunk Divorced and Downhill Fast/ COC- Clean My Wounds/ Exodus- Low Rider/ Warrior Soul- Punk and Belligerent/ Torche- Healer/ Down- Stone the Crow/ Danzig- Until You Call on The Dark/ Faith No More- Everything's Ruined/ Monster Magnet- Megasonic Teenage Warhead/ System of a Down- Know/ Mastodon- Workhorse/ Kreator- Hordes of Chaos/ Kingdom of Sorrow- Grieve a Lifetime/ Rudimentary Peni- Eyes of the Dead/ At the Gates- Under a Serpent Sun/ Black Sabbath- Junior's Eyes/ The Sword- Barael's Blade/ Lamb of God- Hourglass/ Trouble- Excuse Me/ Black Sabbath- The Mob Rules/ Sepultura- Refuse Resist/ Alabama Thunderpussy- Void of Harmony/ Snapcase- Bleeding Orange/ Kyuss- Size Queen/ Deftones- Be Quiet and Drive/ Judas Priest- Hellbent for Leather/ Prong- Lost and Found/ Motorhead- Bomber/ Ratt- Back for More/ Static X- I'm With Stupid/ Pantera- Five Minutes Alone/ Sevendust- Speak/ Helmet- Rollo/ Celtic Frost- Progeny/ Pantera- Fucking Hostile/ Hatebreed- Below the Botom/ Unsane- Line on the Wall/ White Zombie- Cosmic Monsters Inc./ Opeth- The Grand Conjuration/ Crowbar- Existence is Punishment/ Enslaved- The Coast/ DRI- The Trade/ Clutch- Crackerjack/ Fireball Ministry- 665/ Municipal Waste- Septic Detonation/ Baroness- Isak/ Melvins- Dog Island/ Cathedral- Midnight Mountain/ Arson Anthem- The Avoider/ Seemless- Something's Gotta Give/ Probot- The Emeral Law/ Type O Negative- Life is Killing Me/ Fu Manchu- Burning Road/ Killlswitch Engage- Take This Oath/ Mayhem- The Freezing Moon/ Bloodlet- Vision Quest/ High on Fire- Rumors of War/ Wetnurse- Not Your Choice/ Kyuss-Gardenia-Asteroid-Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop-END OF SHOW

On Sunday, January 18th, 2009, Mike SOS hosted an edition of Sirius/XM's Faction DIY Radio recorded in the friendly confines of Serious Business Studios....take a gander at the playlist, huh..1. Slayer "Angel of Death"/ 2. Deftones “Bored"/ 3. Suicidal Tendencies “Join The Army"/ 4. Misfits “Angelfuck"/5. Anthrax “Bring The Noise"/6. Sick of it All “Step Down”/7. SOS- "Do You Want to Go Bowing..."/8. Seizure Crypt “Thankless"/ 9. Black Flag “My War"/ 10. Pantera “F*cking Hostile” / 11. Helmet & House of Pain “Just Another Victim”/12. Metallica “Escape”

ATTACK OF THE KILLER METAL PLAYLIST CHRISTMAS EDITION 12.25.08-------King Diamond- No Presents For Christmas/ Arrival* Metallica- All Nightmare Long* Whitesnake- Gimme All Your Love Tonight* Various Artists (f/ Stephen Pearcy)- Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer* Pantera- Mouth For War* 36 Crazyfists- Absent Are the Saints* Dio- Rainbow in the Dark* Slayer- Jesus Saves* Motley Crue- Take Me to the Top* Slayer- Piece by Piece* Lemmy, Billy Gibbon & Dave Grohl- Run Rudolph Run* Danzig- Long Way Back From Hell* Scorpions- You Give Me All I Need* Poison the Well- Crystal Lake* Between The Buried and Me- Seilkes: The Endless Obsession* Clutch- Mice and Gods* Ozzy Osbourne- Suicide Solution* Megadeth- Hangar 18* COC- Paranoid Opioid* Leeway- Rise and Fall* Cro-Mags- Show You No Mercy* Arghoslent- Swill of the Knaves* Motorhead- Iron Fist* Queensryche- Walk in the Shadows* Sevendust- Ugly* Faith No More- Smaller and Smaller* Life of Agony- Lost At 22* SOS- Fear and Ferocity* Entombed- Wolverine Blues* Slayer- Blood Red* Municipal Waste- Headbanger Face Rip* SOD- United Forces* Cro-Mags- Malfunction* Seizure Crypt- Drug Pig* Torche- Piranha- Fu Manchu- Redline* Queens of the Stone Age- Regular John* Kyuss- Thee Ol' Boozeroony* Nebula- Carpe Diem* Cancer Bats- Hail Destroyer* Deadguy- Pins and Needles* Overkill- Hello From the Gutter* Intronaut- The Literal Black Cloud*Pantera- Strength Beyond Strength/ A New Level/ The Underground in America* Motorhead- Ace of Spades* Joe Lynn Turner- Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree* Motorhead- Killed By Death* Metallica- Fade to Black* Sick of It All- Injustice System*Keep of Kalessin- Against the Gods* Gods Green Earth- Cruisin' Stoned* Light Yourself on Fire- Love & Death* Enslaved- The Watcher* Propain- Let the Blood Run Through the Streets* Wetnurse- Missing Lion Returns* Monster Magnet- Superjudge* Black Sabbath- Don't Start (Too Late)/ Symptom of the Universe* Suicidal Tendencies- Lovely* Mastodon- Hand of Stone* Anthrax- Fuel* The Sword- Maiden, Mother & Crone* 16- Thorn in Your Side* Sepultura- Dead Embryonic Cells- Unsane- Line on the Wall* High on Fire- Fury Whip* Nattefrost- Sluts of Hell* Deftones- One Weak* Faith No More & The Boo Ya Tribe- Another Body Murdered* Maegashira- Hi From Jersey* Sick of it All- Goatless* Scatterbrain- Don't Call Me Dude* White Zombie- Cosmic Monsters Inc.* Static X- Push It- Hatebreed- Perserverance* Misfits- Where Eagles Dare* Melvins- The Smiling Cobra* Deadbird- Death to Self* The Haunted- Ceremony* Pig Destroyer- 4th Degree Burns* Judas Priest- Livin' After Midnight* Truckfighters-Dysthymia* Killswitch Engage- The Rose of Sharyn* Iron Maiden- Killers- Down- Pillars of Eternity***********

Double Down DJ List for 11.13.08.................................. Ratt- Round and Round* Bang Camaro- Push Push* Motley Crue- Too Fast For Love* Stryper- To Hell With the Devil* Sacred Reich- The American Way* Exodus- Toxic Waltz* Iron Maiden- Running Free* Iron Maiden- Wrathchild* Testament- Henchmen Ride* Enslaved- Vertebrae* Queens of the Stone Age- Mexicola/ Hispanic Impressions* Pantera- No Good* Metallica- Mercyful Fate* Danzig- She Rides* Kyuss- One Inch Man* SOS- Everything Must Go* Motorhead- Rock Out* Deicide- 'Til Death Do Us Part* Sick of it All- Clobberin' Time* Kataklysm- To the Throne of Sorrow* Iron Maiden- Murders in the Rue Morgue* John Wilkes Booth- Hey Girl* The Acacia Strain- Dr. Doom* Seizure Crypt- Where the Bodies are Buried* Megadeth- Tornado of Souls* Monster Magnet- Look to the Orb* Life of Agony- Lost at 22* Seemless- In My Time of Need* Judas Priest- You Got Another Thing Coming* Slayer- Angel of Death* System of a Down- Suggestions* Municipal Waste- Beer Pressure* The Haunted- Trenches* Outlaw Order- Tobacco Alcohol Firearms* Pantera- A New Level* Snapcase- Disconnector* Faith No More- Ugly in the Morning* Sanford and Son Theme Song* Soundgarden- Jesus Christ Pose* Type O Negative- I Like Girls* COC- My Grain* Mastodon- Iron Tusk* SOD- Pussywhipped* Scorpions- Blackout* Kyuss- Green Machine* Down- Losing All* Pantera- War Nerve* Sepultura- Nomad* Fu Manchu- Evil Eye* Helmet- Biscuits for Smut* Black Sabbath- The Thrill of it All/ Supertzar* Poison the Well- For A Bandaged Iris* Josie and the Pussycats Theme* Killswitch Engage- Breathe Life* Torche- Speed of the Nail* Hung- Desert of Sad* Celtic Frost- Monotheist* Anthrax- Only* Ozzy Osbourne- Diary of a Madman* The Sword- Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians* Black Label Society- Life Birth Blood Doom* Probot- Dictatorsaurus* Deftones- Rickets* White Zombie- Knuckle Duster/ Thunderkiss '65* Deadbird- Feral Flame* Clutch- Muchas Veces* Dillinger Escape Plan- Lurch* At the Gates- Cold* Unsane- Only Pain* Pig Destroyer- Thought Crime Spree* High on Fire- Turk* Baroness- Wanderlust* Black Sabbath- Heaven and Hell* Clutch- The Soapmakers* Darkest Hour- Convalescence* Chingalera- Fake Maria* Clouds- Horrification* Suffocation- Transluscent Patterns of Delirium* Death Breath- Chopping Spree* Death Angel- Buried Alive* Sixty Watt Shaman- One More Time* Faith No More- Easy*

Here's the setlist for ATTACK OF THE KILLER METAL @ DOUBLE DOWN SALOON FOR 10.9.08!!!!! Tic Tac Toe Game Show Theme Grave- Fallen/ Megadeth- Peace Sells/ Ratt- Lack of Communication/ Badlands- Jade's Song & Winter's Call/ Salty Dog- Come Along/ Ozzy Osbourne- Steal Away The Night/ Motorhead- No Class/ Helmet- Milquetoast/ Queens of the Stone Age- Regular John/ Warrior Soul- Punk and Belligerent/ Black Label Society- Bleed For Me/ Anthrax- Invisible/ 25,000 Pyramid Game Show Theme/ Ultraspank- Butter/ System of a Down- PLUCK/ Sevendust- Black/ Static X- I'm With Stupid/ Black Sabbath- Lord of this World/ Snapcase- Typecast Modulator/ SOD- Kill Yourself/ Shining- Lat Oss Ta Allt Fran Darandra/ Motley Crue- Too Fast For Love/ Misfits- Where Eagles Dare/ Misfits- Angelfuck/ Sebastian Bach- Angel Down/ COC- Wiseblood/ Trouble- Troublemaker/ Torche- Fat Waves/ Lamb of God- Now You Have Something to Die For/ Slayer- War Ensemble/ Danzig- The Hunter/ Deftones- 7 Words/ Soundgarden- Slaves and Bulldozers/ Danzig- Until You Call on the Dark/ Down- Bury Me In Smoke/ White Zombie- Soul Crusher/ Fireball Ministry- Two Tears/ Metallica- All Nightmare Long/ SOS- Do You Want to Go Bowling.../ Carcass- Heartwork/ The Haunted- Hollow Ground/ Fu Manchu- The Action is Go/ E-Town Concrete- Dirty Jer-Z/ Hatebreed- A Call For Blood/ Judas Priest- The Hellion & Evil Eye/ Seemless- The Crisis/ Killswitch Engage- The Rose of Sharyn/ Moonspell- Shadow Sun/ Type O Negative- I Don't Wanna Be Me/ Celtic Frost- Dawn Of Megiddo/ Rockford Files Theme Song/ Arson Anthem- Wrecked Like Clockwork/ Austrian Death Machine- Who Is Your Daddy and What Does He Do?/ Today is the Day- Mother's Ruin/ Prong- Lost & Found/ Posion the Well- Loved Ones/ Black Sabbath- Mob Rules/ Cro-Mags- We Gotta Know/ Seizure Crypt- Inhuman Nature/ Wetnurse- Not Your Choice/ All Shall Perish- Black Gold Reign/ Sixty Watt Shaman- Seeds of Decades/ Spnal Tap- Sex Farm/ The Sword- Barael's Blade/ Bloodlet- Vision Quest/ Propain- Foul Taste of Freedom/ Kilgore- Trial/ Cavalera Conspiracy- Sanctuary/ Kingdom of Sorrow- Begging for the Truth/ Clutch- Wishbone/ Opeth- Ghost of Perdition/ DRI- Shut Up/ Cavity- Cult Exciter/ Snot- I Jus' Lie/ Pig Destoryer- Thought Crime Spree/ Pelican- Bliss in Concrete/ Machine Head- Now I Lay Thee Down/ Mastodon- Crystal Skull/ Coliseum- Dehumanize/ Gojira- Backbone/ Truckfighters- GRAVITY X.......

ATTACK OF THE KILLER METAL PLAYLIST FOR 9.11.08 here's what ya missed last time @ ATTACK OF THE KILLER METAL @ DOUBLE DOWN SALOON NYC: Will Haven- Climbing Out the Bottle- Love Boat Theme Song- Pantera- Strength Beyond Strength- Slayer- War Ensemble- Black Sabbath- Wheels of Confusion/ The Straighten- Danzig- Twist of Cain- Motorhead- Rock Out- Metallica- My Apocalypse- Scorpions- No One Like You- Alabama Thunderpussy- Spineless- Anthrax- I Am the Law- Scatterbrain- Don't Call Me Dude- Suicidal Tendencies- You Can't Bring Me Down- SOD- Chromatic Death- Dio- Straight Through the Heart- A Team Theme Song- Unsane- Last Man Standing- At the Gates- World of Lies- Danzig- Mother (R)- Motley Crue- Public Enemy #1- Sepultura- Territory- Third Degree- Punk Sugar- Motorhead- Bomber (R)- Killswitch Engage- The Arms of Sorrow- Lamb of God- Blacken the Cursed Sun- Mastodon- Iron Tusk- Sheer Terror- Not Waving Drowning- Nachtmystium- Your True Enemy- John Wilkes Booth- Innerworkings- Good Times Theme Song- Metallica- Broken, Beaten & Scarred- Ozzy Osbourne- Mr. Crowley- Down- There's Something on My Side- SOS- Half-Mast- COC- King of the Rotten- Judas Priest- Living After Midnight- Faith No More- Ugly in the Morning- Type O Negative- Summer Breeze- Deftones- Headup- Death Angel- Stop- Leway- Enforcer- Seizure Crypt- Last Icon- Hatebreed- Driven by Suffering- Cro-Mags- Hard Times- Total Hate- Repopulating Planet Earth- Venomous Concept- Water Cooler- DRI- Give a Hoot- Queensryche- I Don't Believe in Love- Megadeth- Tornado of Souls- Life of Agony- Through and Through- Snapcase- Priceless- Probot- Centuries of Sin- Sick of it All- The Future is Mine- ASRA- Those in Power- Withered- The Forbidden Truth- The Jeffersons Theme Song- Austrian Death Machine- Get to the Choppa- Monster Magnet- Theme from Masterburner- Helmet- Better- System of a Down- Needles- White Zombie- Grindhouse a Go-Go- Mucky Pup- Hippies Hate Water/ Three Dead Gophers- Celtic Frost- Circle of Tyrants- Slayer- Necrophiliac- Cathedral- Soul Sacrifice- Fat Albert Theme Song- Fu Manchu- Laserblast- Metallica- The Wait- Testament- Practice What You Preach- Crowbar- High Rate Extinction- Scars on Broadway- They Say- The Banner- On Hooks- Baroness- Isak- High on Fire- Death is This Communion- The Haunted- 99- Pantera- Rise- What's Happening Theme- Cavity- Boxing the Hog- Clutch- Shogun Named Marcus- Raw War Radar- Never Forgive Action- Dillinger Escape Plan- When Acting as A Wave- Metallica- The Call of Ktulu- Faith No More- Midnight Cowboy- Kyuss- Chapter 3 of Sky Valley-

Here's What We Rocked Out to for ATTACK OF THE KILLER METAL NIGHT on Thursday, August 15th @ The Double Down Saloon NYC BABY!!!!!! Motley Crue- In The Beginning/ Shout at the Devil- Dio- We Rock- Megadeth- Killin' is My Business- Scars on Broadway- Stoner Hate- Danzig- Mother (R)- Monster Magnet- Twin Earth- Scorpions- Can't Live Without You- Queensryche- Revolution Calling- Celtic Frost- Return to the Eve- Ozzy Osbourne- Flying High Again- King's X- Alright- Metallica- Remembering Never- Pantera- Mouth for War- Mucky Pup- Hippies Hate Water- Down- Ghosts of the Mississippi- Cancer Bats- Hail Destroyer- Sick of it All- Built to Last- Seizure Crypt- Thankless- Anthrax- Madhouse- White Zombie- Thunderkiss '65- SOS- Frames- Killswitch Engage- This is Absolution- Lamb of God- Walk With Me In Hell- Suicidal Tendencies- Institutionalized (R)- Venomous Concept- Every Mother's Son- Raw Radar War- Lack of Fire Discipline- Suicidal Tendencies- Send Me Your Money- Cathedral- Ride- Suicidal Tendencies- I Saw Your Mommy- Sweet Cobra- Chopping Block- Testament- Low- Misfits- Some Kind of Hate (R)- COC- Dance of the Dead- Misfits- Last Caress- Deftones- Lifter- Helmet- Unsung- Judas Priest- You Got Another Thing Coming- Skeletonwitch- Beyond the Permafrost- Probot- Shake Your Blood- Type O Negative- My Girlfriend's Girlfriend- Hatebreed- Before Dishonor- Municipal Waste- The Art of Partying- Carcass- No Love Lost- Pig Destroyer- Thought Crime Spree- Black Sabbath- Supernaut- Danzig- Her Black Wings- Danzig- How the Gods Kill- Metallica- Orion- Mastodon- Blood and Thunder- Motorhead- Damage Case- Faith No More- Be Aggressive- Fu Manchu- Cyclone Launch- SOD- United Forces- Dillinger Escape Plan- Milk Lizard- Snapcase- Harrison Bergeron- At the Gates- Slaughter of the Soul- The Haunted- No Compromise- Queensryche- Speak (R)- Life of Agony- Underground- Sepultura- Arise- DRI- All For Nothing- Unsane- Last Man Standing- Helmet/House of Pain- Just Another Victim- Baroness- Wanderlust- Deadbird- Death of the Self- Black Sabbath- Heaven and Hell- High on Fire- Turk- Megadeth- Wake Up Dead- Poison the Well- Zombies are Good for Your Health- System of a Down- Forest- Death Angel- Disturbing the Peace- Motley Crue- Too Fast For Love- Crowbar- All I Had I Gave- Clutch- Spacegrass- Trouble- RIP- Cro-Mags- We Gotta Know- Leeway- Kingpin- Pantera- I'm Broken- Cursed- Friends in the Music Business- Black Sabbath- Past Lives DISC 1- Kyuss- Blues for the Red Sun- Danzig- Twist of Cain (R)- Judas Priest- Victim of Changes (R)-

yup, thanks to the fine folks at Double Down Saloon NYC, Mike SOS manned the wheels of steel for his inaugural DJ gig as part of The Attack of the Killer Metal series on Thursday July 24th...wanna see the setlist? We know you do.... Black Sabbath- Sweet Leaf Danzig- Long Way Back From Hell Metallica- Motorbreath COC- Broken Man Misfits- Where Eagles Dare Motorhead- Ace of Spades (R) Motley Crue- Live Wire (R) Judas Priest- Livin' After Midnight Scorpions- Blackout 'Killswitch Engage- My Curse Hatebreed- Before Dishonor Scatterbrain- Down With the Ship Pantera- Walk (R) Megadeth- Peace Sells...(R) Municipal Waste- I Just Wanna Rock As I Lay Dying- Nothing Left Ozzy Osbourne- I Don't Know System of a Down- Chop Suey Metallica- The Four Horsemen (R) Helmet- Give It Faith No More- Midlife Crisis Unsane- Only Pain Monster Magnet- Cage Around the Sun Life of Agony- This Time Seizure Crypt- Where the Bodies are Buried Sick of it All- Step Down Black Sabbath- Paranoid (R) Cro-Mags- We Gotta Know Leeway- Born to Expire Anthrax- I Am the Law White Zombie- Thrust Fu Manchu- Evil Eye Slayer/Ice T- Disorder SOS- Fear and Ferocity Judas Priest- Delivering the Goods Mastodon- March of the Fire Ants Type O Negative- Everyone I Love is Dead SOD- Sargeant D Snapcase- Caboose Deftones- Be Quiet and Drive Sepultura- Refuse/ Resist Down- Lifer Black Sabbath- Snowblind (R) Clutch- I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth Suicidal Tendencies- I Saw Your Mommy Seizure Crypt- Drug Pig Kyuss- Freedom Run Trouble- At the End of My Daze Death Angel- Seemingly Endless Time Black Sabbath- Mob Rules High on Fire- Fury Whip Slayer- Jesus Saves Metallica- Last Caress/ Green Hell Misfits- All Hell Breaks Loose Megadeth- Holy Wars (R) At the Gates- Under a Serpent Sun The Haunted- 99 Sheer Terror- Not Waving Drowning Slayer- Piece by Piece Judas Priest- Painkiller (R) Faith No More- Land of Sunshine (R) Danzig- She Rides Brain Drill- Swine Slaughter Motorhead- Iron Fist Baroness- Rays on Pinion/The Birthing Crowbar- I Have Failed Lamb of God- Pathetic DRI- Beneath the Wheel Monster Magnet- Third Alternative Cro-Mags- Curse of the Demoniac (R) Pantera- Fucking Hostile Ozzy Osbourne- Diary of a Madman Faith No More- Easy Kyuss- "Gardenia" / "Asteroid" / "Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop" Ufomammut- Ammonia Kyuss- 100°" / "Space Cadet" / "Demon Cleaner" Cavity- Leave Me Up Kyuss- Odyssey" / "Conan Troutman" / "N.O." / "Whitewater"

1328 S. 24th 1/2 Street, Nederland, TX 77627

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