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NYC-based Hymns play the kind of alt-country rock that derived from Neil Young and Wilco on BROTHER/SISTER, a masterfully recorded 11-track disc. From the fast-paced jangly guitars and stompbox vocals on tracks like "Power in the Street", Hymns would remind you of Kings of Leon meets Tom Petty, combining small town sensibility with a driving backbeat, while tracks like "Town" radiate a '70s pop-rock vibe that The Eagles were known for. Raring back and rocking is also part of this trio's mission, and tracks like "Brother/Sister" offset the general laid back aura songs like "Starboat" and "Stop Talking" set. Well-planned and beautifully composed, Hymns display a great depth of influence and a wealth of passion on this shining effort that hipsters and real deal rock fans alike can grip with ease.
- Mike SOS