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The Datsuns have got the retro rock form down perfectly, and they primp it powerfully on the band's debut release. Without any blatant plagiarism or false sense of self-importance, these guys put the pedal to the floor and go like it's 1976 all over again. Unsanitized for this politically correct world we call home, The Datsuns self-titled, 10-track affair has collectively channeled the spirits of Phil Lynott, Bon Scott, and Tommy Bolin and rolled it into one giant rock 'n' roll party that kicks ass from end to end. Forget about The Hives and screw The Vines, The Datsuns have got all of the "the" bands beat because they concentrate on what's the most important, and that's the music, man. If you dig old school hard rock with a garage-esque edge, these guys are what you need.
- Mike SOS