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There's good reason why Chino of Deftones loves this group, and it probably has something to do with how they merge dumbed-down arena rock with youth crew hardcore. The Warriors have a silly name for most hardcore dudes to hone up to liking, and while they have their share of over the top Rage meets Downset moments strewn about BEYOND THE NOISE, the sheer hardcore power of tracks like "Downbeat" and "To Finally Feel" get the Snapcase vibe down perfect while "Awakened" shows that this outfit understands how the wield the power of the breakdown to its greatest advantage. This band also gets credit for taking the lyrics to thoughtful places, as these song's words all stem from Herman Hesse's SIDDHARTHA, something to make your English professor smile. Most fans of hardcore (especially Northeasterners) are going to hate this disc and think it's way too commercially inclined and gangsta, but if you like crossover acts that implement hard rock histrionics and some of the best parts of the rap-rock genre with a smattering of smack you in the face hardcore goodness, then songs like "Re-vital-eyes" and "I Won't" will become instant pit classics for you.
- Mike SOS