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Swedish mope metallers Wolverine return with STILL, a weighty nine-track affair whose early Queensryche, Dream Theater, and Katatonia influence reign heavily on this affair. Somewhat straying away from the metal side of the fence to explore mainstream prog rock territory on tracks like the lucid "Nothing More", the quintet's teeth still manage to bare on tracks like the sprawling "And She Slowly Dies", evoking comparisons to Opeth. If you like your theatrical metal with darker hues, songs like "Sleepytown" is somberly engaging a la Dredg, while "Bleeding" churns out the goth meets prog metal tendencies the band is best known for. Despite these moments giving way for a more toned down metal side, this band still serves from a crockpot of melancholy, helping Wolverine remain a solid somber unit.
- Mike SOS