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Justin Broadrick is an icon of the underground extreme music scene, having been a major cog in the wheels of groundbreaking acts like Godflesh and Napalm Death. Taking a cue from the multitude of musicians he influenced, Jesu goes a way more melodic route than anticipated, almost sounding like a less-angry hybrid of NIN on the four-song sampler SILVER. While broad strokes of the noise Broadrick has been acclaimed for have mostly been disregarded and replaced by a more listener-friendly, melodically-induced techno rock ambiance on tracks like "Wolves", there's still enough atmospherically challenging material here to sink your teeth into on tracks like "Dead Eyes" to satisfy fans of his previous offerings. But buyer beware, this is nowhere near anything you'd expect from the dude that used to slay eardrums in Godflesh. Nonetheless, Jesu bridges the gap between Isis and Mogwai well enough for fans of experimental rock to give SILVER a go.
- Mike SOS