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The indeterminable musical force going strong since the ‘70s known as Thor returns with DEVASTATION OF MUSCULATION, a metallic warrior call of sorts whose latest offering once again unfurls the Manowar meets KISS shock rock shtick. While this legitimate Canadian crusher’s strongman acumen is undisputable, the music found on this 10-track disc isn’t exactly as exciting as Thor’s feats of strength and endurance, yet songs like “The Return of Odin’s Son” should make the sword-wielding, Odin-worshipping crowd fairly happy. Basically, Thor’s latest release is a cheesy, bang your head as a guilty pleasure kind of disc that is as campy yet compelling as a Troma film or reality television, as songs like “Queen of The Damned” and the surprisingly tender “Don’t Abandon Me” deliciously demonstrates the fun side of heavy metal without a net.
- Mike SOS