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Brave enough to come from behind the veil of corpsepaint long enough to see what lies above the underground, Nachtmystium's latest sinister offering still sonically slays your ears with blasphemous blast bests and demonic guitar chugging. Yet, this grim group's latest 10-track INSTINCT: DECAY breaks typical black metal convention by implementing a slew of deliberately non-black metal devices into its cauldron of chaos, resulting in a smorgasbord of sound from the entrancing "Decay" to the expected volatility of "Antichrist Messiah". Broadening its horizons without eliminating its staple nuances, this disc may make this brand of music branded as vile and contemptuous a bit more comprehensible to the laymen listener, surely enraging the devout yet ultimately rewarding the group for its epically morbid visions.
- Mike SOS