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Demonstrating a bountiful bouquet of brutality, Slave Zero is Ireland's answer to extreme metal and damn, do these guys deliver. Meshing Meshuggah-esque low end with a vast array of seething metallic guitar and vocal interludes that range from Pantera to At the Gates, this quintet's five-track offering showcases nothing but relentless carnage with nary a second to catch your breath from the malicious maelstrom of pummeling riffs and bleak yet boisterous vocals that range from death growls to wartime shrieks. Put Unearth, Losa, and Kreator in a blender and serve with a swift kick to the teeth and out comes THE PAIN REMITS, an album where songs like the bludgeoning death stomp of "I Fear For You" and the hostility-laden intricacy of "Relief" exists solely to severely punish you.
- Mike SOS