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Pacific Northwestern veteran quintet Jed's hybrid style combines the trademark sounds of their geographic area with eruptions of alt-metal explosiveness on the 11-track SYNESTHESIA. Drawing from the shadowy vibes thrown out by notable area acts such as Queensryche and Alice in Chains for its aura of melancholic darkness while drumming up the wares of Sevendust and Mudvayne for the sheer aggressive output, songs like "Nympho" and "Nothing" showcase intense bursts of melodic yet unpoppy hooks sewn together, forming multi-faceted monstrous offerings. Unafraid to explore the murky reserves of the mind through the enlightenment of the unit's unwavering metallic force, songs like "New Ambits" and "Two Eyed Cyclops" take excursions to areas frequently inhabited by Deftones and Chevelle with a semi-nihilistic industrial rock swagger, while cuts like "Opal" stomp over nu-metal plateaus with hypnotic rhythms and sinewy grooves abound. SYNESTHESIA is an album laden with darkened dynamicism and elaborate layers that fans of a higher order of metal will undoubtedly swarm to.
- Mike SOS