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Norwegian black metal clan Vreid's latest dark endeavor PITCH BLACK BRIGADE contains everything an extreme metal fan would want in an album. There's a plethora of unadulterated misanthropy strewn across tracks like "Hang 'Em All" and "Pitch Black" to satisfy the black metal communities rabid hunger for all things raw. Yet Vreid proves itself to be a bit more than that (after all, this band does boast ex-members of Windir) and decisively steps out of the box on this eight-track offering. By displaying an attentiveness a more Entombed, less Emperor groove which surpasses your average Norwegian metal band's delivery on "Left to Hate" while branching into areas of electronic ambiance on before unleashing the hellacious harshness that buzzsaw guitars on "Hengebjorki" bring, Vreid's volatile arsenal of weaponry is the band's most potent attribute, and catapults PITCH BLACK BRIGADE from ordinary to intriguing.
- Mike SOS