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German metal crew Fall of Serenity plays the kind of tight, well-manicured death metal with the melodic punch of its Swedish counterparts on BLOODRED SALVATION, the quintet’s fourth full-length release. Almost packing an arena rock clobber with its slightly electronically charged riffs found on “Twin Curse”, these guys have found the way the 6,547th way to distinctly ape At The Gates, with shards of Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban strewn in for good measure. Dastardly riffs like the one found on “As I Watch” has an American metalcore feel a la All That Remains, while tracks like “A Piece of You” provides your basic melodic death metal fodder. Somewhere between Soilwork and As I Lay Dying, Fall of Serenity is following the gameplan note for note.
- Mike SOS