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The brutality set forth by Misery Index’s latest release DISCORDIA sounds like the soundtrack to a war, as this blistering 10-track affair is an endless cavalcade of chaos from the opener “Unmarked Graves” until the grinding madness of “Pandemican” burns through your hapless speakers. Getting in touch with Napalm Death as much as they do Bolt Thrower, this hardcore-tinged death metal crew’s latest furious assault is accentuated with blast beats galore, guttural vocals reminiscent of the pioneer days of thrashy grindcore, and a ferocious flow of pulverizing riff after another on cuts like “Conquistadores” and “Breathing Pestilence”. Not letting its listeners rest for one second, DISCORDIA is an album you need to work up to, as its sheer heaviness and utter chunkiness will undoubtedly leave the novices wincing in pain. Pick this up and get on the bus before it leaves you beneath the wheels.
- Mike SOS