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Italian melodic metal clan Meredine Atomiche’s latest 11-track endeavor runs the gamut from thrash to progressive metal, citing everyone from System of a Down to Queensryche on RAW. Produced by metal guru Jack Frost, usually known more for his work on the frontlines, this quintet tread the commercial metal line very carefully, implementing unforgettable melodies inside of jackhammer grooves like the title cut and “Breathe the Big Apple” (a cut that could’ve come from Metallica’s ST. ANGER sessions) for maximum metal output. Understanding the dynamics of stripped-down visceral angst while building layers of metal a la Megadeth and Killing Joke in the process, RAW is an album title that gets it half right, as this offering’s stellar production emits the kind of unfettered feelings of buzzing metal with the pristine gloss of a band going into its second decade of metallic excellence.
- Mike SOS