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Forget about the hype over Avenged Sevenfold being hard rock’s new saviors, as the UK’s Viking Skull exonerates those fallacies completely on their raw and raucous 11-track outing. Starting as an offshoot of the criminally underrated metal crew Raging Speedhorn, this semi-serious quintet’s sophomore effort threatens to eclipse its forefather’s popularity with its vigilant AC/DC meets Motorhead double-entendre and twin guitar shtick played with as much rock ‘n roll excess these blokes can muster. Tracks like “Rock and Roll Suicide” and “Seedealer” are bonafide stripper pole anthems, while the infectiously righteous “You Can’t Kill Rock ‘N Roll” intertwine ‘70s arena rock swagger with hellacious hooks aplenty and a whiskey soaked vocal delivery that you can smell from a mile away. Volatile and voracious, BORN IN HELL gives bands that claim they’re retro a not so subtle middle finger straight to their faces, unafraid of any and all of their feeble repercussions.
- Mike SOS