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Strapt is a seven-piece rap metal band from Los Angeles that employs three MC's (that get increasingly bigger and scarier) and a slew of tricks from the grab bag that so many bands have dipped into in the last five years. The difference between Strapt and every other rap metal band is desperation; these guys aren't up on stage creating a dance move or celebrating about how great life can be. Instead, Strapt lays down some Suicidal Tendencies-like jams and unleash the MC's to do their thing. Judging by these guy's accounts of life through rap, they seem to have been there, lived it, and don't mind spitting rhymes about the hard times. At ease with a NYHC inspired jam ("Punk Rock Gangsta Boogie") as much as a funked-up bassline leading its relentless charge ("Sell Out"), this band shows that it's got both the realism and the chops to take its music to the top. Just duck and run if you upset this crew, as Strapt looks as deadly as the band's punk-metal rap songs profess the outfit's lives to be.
- Mike SOS