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Norwegians are typically admired for their black metal prowess, yet Sahg (a band featuring members of Audrey Horne, Gorgoroth, and Manngard) is a doomy hard rock band with some tendencies to get a bit technical at times. On this project's 10-track excursion, the corpsepaint gets swapped for blacklight, as the gas-huffing seven minutes spent peeking in the kaleidoscope of "Repent" and the Soundgarden meets Monster Magnet march of "The Executioner Undead" emanates from your speakers. Trippy in a heavy way and earthy without losing its edge, Sahg's humungous rock sound and scintillating use of dynamics accelerates this savvy group's version of stoner rock to the heights of the greats that dabbled in the murky waters of psychedelic hard rock and the reverie of doom metal. Horned hands way up for this one.
- Mike SOS