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You'd think that The Sleeping is Victory Records' latest act vying for today's teen's ever-shrinking attention span, yet while the throngs of screaming pre-pubescent females and pimply faced freshmen should flock to the totally relatable QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, this Long Island quartet's appeal transcends the usual demographic. Maybe it's the band's harder-edge which shines bright on the dynamic "The Climb" or it's the band's refusal to be a carbon copy of those other 19 bands you saw on FUSE, or maybe it's because this band is 1000 times more intense than any of their peers. Downright heavy, even, especially on the chunky "Better Than Anything Else" and "Heart Beatz", their poignant heartfelt tribute to Bayside's drummer Johnny Beatz. Showing that they know how to rip it up and keep it dark (The Sleeping features former members of Skycamefalling) while keeping a eye on what the girls are crying about, this outfit's future looks bright, just as long the intensity of tracks like "Don't Hold Back" is still a mainstay in their arsenal.
- Mike SOS