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Slicing '70s riff rock down to the bone with a rusty punk rock knife, Valient Thorr's latest effort LEGEND OF THE WORLD is the rawest ode to cock rock revelries this side of The Darkness, instead replace the falsetto vocals with an angst-ridden punk rock growl. This 12-track disc is pure grain rock 'n roll, but therein the problems lie. It's almost too much rock 'n roll, as the band's rebellious spirit has affected the uneven songwriting throughout, almost as if the band is forcing to insert cool Thin Lizzy-esque riff here and punk rant galore there for the sake of doing so. But if you're stoned or drunk enough, you probably won't even care, as you'll be thrusting your dual horned hand salute in the faces of anyone in the vicinity, as the playing on this raucous rocker is vintage, top notch, and worthy of guitar heroics, especially on the Van Halen meets Thin Lizzy stomp of "Lime Green Net".
- Mike SOS