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Enslaved continues to outdo themselves, as this Norwegian act's latest eight-track offering finds them circling towards greatness with their usual savage grace and metallic regality firmly in tow. Creating a vast soundscape that combines progressively-tinged metal with the unit's foundational Viking metal sound, RUUN raises the bar by which other bands are to be measured. Songs like "Tides of Chaos" demonstrates the band's now-trademark merger of crushing riffs, psychedelic rhythms, and black metal underlay, while the old school attack of "Fusion of Sense and Earth" contains enough Nordic evil to satisfy even the most disparaging from the corpse-painted clan. Heavy as hell, yet musically complex, dramatic, and utterly spellbinding, Enslaved has performed the impossible, a musical hat trick, with their third brilliant release in a row with RUUN. A must have for all who like things heavy.
- Mike SOS