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Keep of Kalessin boasts some of Norway's finest musicians amongst its ensemble, which is one of the many reasons why this black metal powerhouse's latest disc shreds most other extreme acts to waste. On the 10-track ARMADA, this menacing unit's sweepingly majestic wares intertwine with an overabundance of pure mayhem, concocting the vicious sting found gargantuan outings like "Vengeance Rising", "Into the Fire", and "Deluge". Progressively punishing and deliciously demonic, Keep of Kalessin take black metal out of the catacombs and above ground long enough to exert a volatility and dynamic force akin to Cradle of Filth sans the costumes and pageantry. Mighty and bold, ARMADA is a maelstrom of an album guaranteed to pump the listener with the proper fury and ferocity.
- Mike SOS