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Norwegian left-of-center metal act She Said Destroy don't fit into one specific category of metal, as this seamlessly sinister group instead opts to change it up between the extremes on TIME LIKE FINES. Death metal growls, prog metal technicality, noise metal dissonance, and black metal's impending sense of dread all are thrown together into a demonically-charged cauldron, creating a compelling yet challenging listen to fans that rock the corpse paint and the unkempt look alike. This 10-track disc's odd-signatured brutality and shape-shifting jaggedness help She Said Destroy stand out amongst the extreme metal scene, as songs like "Joy to the World: The Coming of Kali" masterfully combine the wares of Mastodon, Zyklon, and Cynic while "Shapeshifter" takes you into realms frequently visited by acts like Death and Converge. Well worth a spin if you like your metal a bit on the slanted side.
- Mike SOS