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Italian folk metallers Elvenking unleash a barrage of fiddle, crunchy guitar, and histrionic arrangement on the 11-track THE WINTER'S WAKE. Emblazoned with the fist-pumping rhythms of power metal (the disc's heartbeat) found on such tracks "Trows Kind", this troupe's progressive prowess is sturdy enough to go toe to toe with the Finntroll's and Kamelot's of the world, while the band's minstrel metal side found on the acoustic and flute sparked "On The Morning Dew" provides a enchanting voyage for your ears. While Elvenking's folksy side and adventurous edge is surely not for everyone sporting a Maiden t-shirt, this sextet's eclectic brand of metal can proudly stand beside the likes of Blind Guardian and Manowar.
- Mike SOS