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File under: Space Metal. That's what the back of the album actually says on the double disc live set from Star One's latest release, and it's an ample description for this massive display of musicianship. The man behind it all is Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon), and he brings his grandiose display of rock that becomes part opera, part rock concert, and part sci-fi convention to life. Basing the music's concept on space movies that influenced him, Lucassen allowed his artistic flare and grand experiences from viewing these films to steer this project into the monster that it became. However, this visionary has help from some of the most notable names in Swedish metal, like Dan Swano, and even wrangled space metal legend Dave Brock (Hawkwind) for a guest spot on this 18-track collection. Ambitious and bursting with music, as most prog rock is, Star One provides a glimpse into one man's unique vision through a blistering rock opera. Any fan of progressive metal should own this lush display of sci-fi metal, sure to please anyone pining for a new Dream Theater release.
- Mike SOS