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The bludgeoning sounds through your speakers come courtesy of Shallow Water Grave and their seven-track release SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF. And chances are if you dig the Massachusetts metalcore movement, you’ll be enamored with these guys and their unbreakable style that seamlessly fuses Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Unearth, and All That Remains. Emblazoned with a vicious vocal battering reminiscent of Pantera at its most volatile, riffs that bounce from Iron Maiden-esque twin killings to chugga-chugga beatdowns at the drop of hat like “Persist and Persevere”, and a veritable percussion workshop throughout the entire experience, someone should check the water flowing through the Northeast to determine what the hell makes their bands this caustic, yet at the same time so attentive to melody. Brutal, battering, and buoyant, SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF combines the perfect mix of tough guy exhibition and musical exposition, creating a near unstoppable metalcore giant in the process.
- Mike SOS