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The two-man synth rock band Zombi takes its musical inspiration from horror films of the days of yore as much as they do Yes and King Crimson, as their five-track synth-dominant with bass and drum offering SURFACE TO AIR displays. This Pennsylvania duo ditches the guitar completely here, opting instead to bulk up on vintage synths and keyboards for ambiance, texture, and an overall chilling effect. This tandem also demonstrates the know-how on song layering, masterfully heard on the pre-hit era Genesis meets Between the Buried and Me’s current revivalist tactics on “Legacy”. Tossing in large chunks of prog rock histrionics, entrancing Moog melodies, and a vibrant rhythm section who reference Rush as much as John Carpenter, Zombi’s left of center landscape of luxurious electronics and triumphant analog manipulations will surely create a unique atmosphere.
- Mike SOS