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Zyklon’s sophomore effort DISINTEGRATE proves itself to take form as a sharp, wicked, and dangerous entity, careening into the portals of extreme metal with a furious fervor. This 10-track release’s wrath is felt from the opening strains of “In Hindsight” and reverberates throughout the entire disc, accounting for a blisteringly fast and uncompromisingly vile experience. Fortified with a bevy of slaughtering guitars whose horrific squeals and frenzied progressions exude extreme metal to the highest order, tracks like the menacing “A Slow Grave” give off all of the nuances of an impending violent storm about to lay an unsuspecting land to waste, while the double-timed doom march of “Wrenched” is as savage a song you’ll hear all year. Embedded in evil and in cahoots with chaos, Zyklon’s crushingly mammoth next step is an essential purchase for extreme metal purveyors.
- Mike SOS