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Finland is usually more of a metal town, but Endstand’s muscular hardcore somehow fits in. Perhaps it’s because this Finnish quintet play with the same ferocity and sense of dismay as their metal counterparts, aptly shown on The Bronx meets Bane pounder “Way Out”. Armed with 10 tracks of the kind of punk-influenced hardcore that packs a wallop without sounding clichéd or run into the ground, tracks like “Empty Promises” keep the pits moving by intriguingly shifting time signatures to allow the most mosh for your money, while “To Feel Alive” fires a straight ahead swift kick to the head a la old school AFI meets Strung Out. THE TIME IS NOW unleashes the most explosive elements of hardcore and punk with a discernibly dark edge, wedging themselves somewhere between the Northeast’s avant-garde and the West Coast’s skater punk hardcore scenes.
- Mike SOS