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The resilient and long running hardcore torchbearers Sick of It All return with a seething new 15-track album. Laden with angst-ridden anthems and a discernibly more aggressive overall feel, DEATH TO TYRANTS finds the band sounding (thanks to some wizardry by Tue Madsen) as undeniably heavy and brutal as they do during their not to be missed live excursions. Echoing the veteran crew’s disdain with what the world has become, the songs found on this provocative release take a serious political and social turn, digging up the band’s anger and showcasing it for the doubters and naysayers to choke upon. Still churning out tracks that display the imminence and pertinence of the NYHC hardcore scene, “Make a Mark” and “Take the Night Off” are just two examples of the savage grace and volatile precision the band still emanates, even as this NYC stalwart celebrates its 20th anniversary, while a guest spot by Freddy Madball on “Forked Tongue” and the uncompromising yet contagious “Die Alone” propel this disc straight to the top as one of the group’s most shining moments. Cheers to the boys, and toast to another lengthy run as keepers of the NYHC legacy.
- Mike SOS