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Memphis, TN quintet Nights Like These provided a scolding version of technically-charged, heavy handed, and sonically bruising metal on their 11-track debut. THE FAITHLESS finds that, while these dudes are still in the process of finding a distinct voice, they can muster up a mighty fine job in stirring up a tasty stew of eclectic metal. With worn influences displayed which range from Converge to Mastodon to Isis to Lamb of God, these guys keep the pace menacingly in the middle throughout the endeavor, opting to tear your head off at opportune times by shifting into caustic overdrive on tracks such as “Head of Medusa” and “Memento More”. Demonstrating savage riffagings, destructive rhythms, and a vocal assault that shreds, but unfortunately with shades of familiarity, this act’s inaugural offering provides an excellent exhibition of these inexperienced yet eager metal maven’s baby steps, with hopes that they can blossom into a beast akin to their major influences.
- Mike SOS