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Blisteringly heavy and tersely tumultuous, the quintet Enforsaken hail from Chicago, although after a few strains of the decibel-shattering “Blacklist Assassin”, you’d think these dudes called some remote landscape in Europe home, especially after hearing the Viking chorus on “Sever the Ties”. But, they’re Americans, and they work at their peak when decisively doling out smatterings of death metal grooves, diabolic double bass drumming, and throaty vocal techniques whose growls and rasps are amongst the best in the genre, Enforsaken’s intriguing mix of metal is a definite hybrid of extreme styles that actually work in a sinister symphonic symbiosis guaranteed to leave welts and bruises aplenty. Throw Chimaira, Strapping Young Lad, and Shadows Fall into a cauldron and simmer, and SINNER’S INTUITION is the stew from which all you metalheads shall feast. Amen.
- Mike SOS