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NYC boogie maestros The Brought Low return with yet another swinging batch of bluesy rock ‘n roll with RIGHT ON TIME. This 10-track trek harkens back to the days when rock was built primarily off of rhythms and blues, a la the days when The Rolling Stones weren’t dinosaurs, and creates a deliberate swagger that sounds just as good sober as it does after that third shot of whisky. Songs like “Shakedown” bump and grind with the penchant of an old school burlesque show, while “Tell Me” sounds like a lost classic dredged up from the vaults. Blending an exquisite mix of meat and potatoes rock, Southern rock heroics, and undauntedly muscular blues, tracks like “This Ain’t No Game” meshes The Black Crowes and Black Oak Arkansas without skipping a beat, while “Blues for Curry” displays how these guys translate AC/DC and Thorogood to the hipster contingent. The Brought Low urges you to bypass the thrift shop record racks and feel the sweet heat they radiate on RIGHT ON TIME.
- Mike SOS