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Ethereal hardcore could be the tag placed on this UK quintet, as November Coming Fire’s inner flame still burns black with despair, yet its scent has all of the effervescence of some of the more adventurous bands in the hardcore spectrum like Cult of Luna and Neurosis, despite laying down a much more chaotic blueprint overall. Fear not tough guys, these guys have gone all avant-garde, as tracks like “Providence” and “Closure” showcases the band’s resources to rattle skulls and crush craniums with reckless abandonment while “Argonaut” has the propensity to rock out along side the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Doomriders. But, it’s when NCF gets locked into a choleric mix of ambiance and apathy on “Queenliest Dead” or “HMS Blackwater” where things really start to blur from brutality into bleakness and November Coming Fire hits its creative zenith.
- Mike SOS