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NYC juggernaut In Extremis showcase their considerably versatile wares on the seven-track sojourn they rightfully call ABSOLUTES AND OPPOSITES. Emanating an overabundant outpouring of angular metal, this female-fronted quartet knows no boundaries and display limitless songwriting prowess on tracks like “ThreePasses” and the gouging “FcukFriends”. Popping elements of dissonant heaviness, a vast array of metallic influences, and a wealth of ambience into a melting pot that emits shards of Tool, Deftones, Bad Brains, Incubus, System of a Down, Faith No More, and every intellectually charged heavy band of the last 10 years, this outfit unravels an engaging and intriguing musical tapestry chock full of histrionic highlights and deceptively delectable dramatics. Raising the bar of what multi-layered metal should sound like, In Eztremis is a must listen for the complacent and disenchanted.
- Mike SOS