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Portuguese Goth metallers Moonspell return with MEMORIAL, a 13-track album laden with the darkened atmosphere and ethereal vibes you’d expect from this unit. Moving in a slightly more ominous direction, songs like the closer “Best Forgotten” displays the type of callous vocals and foreboding songs structures which figure prominently throughout the disc. Surprisingly though, despite the band turning up the heavier nuances and delving into near black metal territories, the energy levels of the music rarely wane. From the unabashedly heavy “Finisterra”, the eerily acoustic ringings of “Mare Nostrum” and “Sons of Earth”, and the oppressive twinges of “Luna”, this veteran quartet succeed in retaining its somber side with majestic grace. Intertwining a consistent barrage of gloom and doom with an amplified array of menacing metal in the forefront, Moonspell’s seventh release finds the band revisiting its apocalyptic scope it let stay dormant for so long with excellent results.
- Mike SOS