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Like him or hate him, one thing is certain; you won't stop Matt Zane, whether it is from his empire of porn or now, his metal band, Society 1. This former California socialite turned rock star has furnished himself with an industrial metal sound that crushes a la Fear Factory and White Zombie on the 10-track release. Coupled with Zane's extreme vision and controversial lifestyle, one can argue that he was a rockstar even before he stepped up to the microphone and that EXIT THROUGH FEAR reinforces this theory. Well, despite the fact that the industrial metal thing is pretty played out, the guitars on Society 1's album are pretty slamming, and the band at times rivals anything Manson or Ministry have put out recently. It's heavy, it's ballsy, it's deranged, and at times, it fully expresses the nihilistic outlook as other bands only wish they could. It helps to have a name in the game beforehand, yet Society 1 doesn't name drop or call attention to itself because of Zane's background; instead, the pulsating and pounding techno metal does all of the talking, and fans of the genre totally make out on the deal.
- Mike SOS