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Relocating states and scaling down to a trio since their last release, the essence of Throttlerod’s tumult is not only self-explanatory, but also very much apparent throughout the course of the 10-track NAIL. Yet through it all, the unit perseveres and kicks out a most radical stoner rock fusion. Summoning Nirvana, Deftones, and Chevelle as much as Skynyrd, Alabama Thunderpussy, and Molly Hatchet here, songs like “Rabbit” twist into a hybrid of heavy Southern rock and gentrified punk rock boogie much like latter-day Rollins Band, while “Big Name” maintains the blinded by moonshine riffages with a pronounced metallic underbelly a la Fireball Ministry. Keeping it refreshingly nubile yet satisfyingly seething, tracks like “Stand ‘Em Up” merges Throttlerod’s protean stoner rock with a barrage of goodies from the rest of the rock realm for an astonishingly uplifting yet substantially left of center angst-ridden ride.
- Mike SOS