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Letís face it, Scott ďWinoĒ Weinrich is a legend. Although many of you may not even know who the hell he is, your favorite bands sure do, as guys from Phil Anselmo to Dave Grohl exalt the manís achievements to the hilt. The good folks at Meteorcity have dug through the archives and bring you up to speed on LUNAR WOMB, showcasing Winoís underground heroics with The Obsessed at its most visceral. Brimming over with Sabbath-esque intensity and Black Flag-esque urgency, this 12-track re-release retains the imminence that it surely conveyed some 15 years ago. If youíre unfamiliar with Wino and his many musical ventures, or if your old copy of this release is ransacked, then now is the time for a refurbishing or an underground rock history lesson thatís worth every hard earned penny.
- Mike SOS