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Slaves On Dope latest release finds the metal outfit allegedly returning back to a more pure rock sound on METAFOUR, yet it sounds like a lot of the other metal bands out there these days vying for pole position. 14 tracks of searing riffs and highly twiddled song structures is what these Canadians deliver, yet when it comes down to it, there doesn't seem to be a lot of depth here. While the soundscape on a whole is full and rich (especially the rhythm section), lyrically, it seems like the band took a class in Metal Lyrical Content Cliche 101 and applied all of the angst it could to make it edgy. While the gloss of METAFOUR is appealing, the actual insides seem to be a bit undercooked, making a mediocre metal album that has been done by about five other bands this year already.
- Mike SOS