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The American black metal movement, thanks to the advent of the home studio, has seen a proliferation of bitter musicians taking matters into their own hands and laying down some on the brink black metal. Two such artists, Leviathan and Sapthuran, have aligned and released this lo-fi minimalist metal endeavor. Up first is Sapthruan, who sandwiches his utterly raw and purposely undercooked three-track venomous wrath with “And Autumn Sheds Its Final Tear”, an atmospheric acoustic guitar piece that breaks up the incessant hate quite nicely. The next five-tracks come from Leviathan, a project led by mainman Wrest, an artist whose general discontent and scorn for life blankets everything he does. Sinfully chaotic and armed with a more distinct guitar tone, songs like “Odius Convustions” actually sound like Satyricon jamming with Deftones, while the death gallop of “Another Sip of Fear” is mercilessly beaten into your head with pounding drums and the trademark black metallic guitar buzz. Two artists, eight songs, and pure hatred for humanity... What more could an extreme metal fan desire?
- Mike SOS