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Mord is a black metal band that actually comes from Norway whose nine-track releaseís songs are all titled in numerical succession with the word ďOpusĒ in front, almost as an afterthought. Proving that the classic black metal buzz of bands like Immortal and Dark Funeral is alive and well, CHRISTENDOM PERISHED showcases the incessant drum and blistering guitar tandem that unleashes evil auras guaranteed to haunt the inner sanctum of your brain. Either that or itíll give you one hell of a demonic headache. No matter, because this album isnít intended to be music for enjoyment. Instead, this discís bleak sentiments radiate emotions made for those truly loathed by a convincingly two severely angst-ridden humans. Successfully executing its blasphemously brutal concoction of death, thrash, and black metal, this band, named after the Norwegian word for murder, lives up to its moniker in spades.
- Mike SOS