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NYC’s much maligned doom metal troupe Grey Skies Fallen have had its share of revolving door members, crappy shows, and genuine bad luck that plagues 98% of the unsigned bands around the world (just ask for a copy of the unit’s comprehensive history to feel the pain firsthand). Yet, through all the tumultuousness, the project carried on, shaping itself to become the juggernaut that the eight-track release TWO WAY MIRROR exhibits. Running the gamut from death metal disembowelment to progressive rock freakouts, this band’s mostly pristine and sometimes punishing sound encompasses Pink Floyd, Type O Negative, Steely Dan, Queensryche, and Novembers Doom, usually all during one of their extensively thorough tracks such as “The Few”. Armed with a massive amount of musical prowess, songs like “Drift” and “Blue” are carried by shimmering guitar lines, prominently powerful drumming, and slightly ambient synth and keyboard work. While the vocals could use a bit of a boost in the range department, despite their limitations, they manage to provide a mechanically metallic feel (think Burton C. Bell meets Page Hamilton) that fits in rather well alongside the Rick Wakeman-esque keyboard solos of “Carry On” and the band’s overall methodically measured presentation. Persistent and bursting with talent, TWO WAY MIRROR highlights a band on the fringe whose vast influences and multitude of musical ability make this outfit hard to describe but fun for those that enjoy a great deal of variety.
- Mike SOS