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Southern California quartet Stavesacre are no rookies, as this hard rocking outfit have been making noise in the catacombs of the rock world for nearly a decade. On HOW TO LIVE WITH A CURSE, the group’s first effort in nearly four years, producer Matt Hyde brings out the best of these guys, whipping up a sturdy foundation of great rock songs laden with substance sans rock’s usual excesses and contrived clichés. Songs like “Kill My Darlings” and “The Trouble with Being Born” are prime examples of the hard driving yet slyly sophisticated rock tunes that these guys seamlessly string together, while “A Reason to Believe” taps the hard rock vein much like Creed and Godsmack, only with way more conviction and less of rock’s lowest common denominations. Uplifting throughout, Stavesacre rose through the ranks as a Christian rock clan, yet this 14-track endeavor does not once get overly preachy or religious. Instead, Stavesacre lets the music do most of the talking on tracks like “It’s Beautiful (Once Your Out There)”, a trait that secular and non-secular rock fans alike will be should be able to appreciate. If you dig bands like Alter Bridge, Pete, and Collective Soul mixed with touches of Foo Fighters and upper crust So Cal punk, then HOW TO LIVE WITH A CURSE won’t disappoint.
- Mike SOS