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Skindred is a reggae infused metal troupe whose latest 12-track release is quite different than anything heard on the aggro side of the fence. At times, it evokes the spirit of Bob Marley and The Police, while at others it takes the bedlam of Bad Brains and mixes it with the undeniable genius of The Clash (even sampling pieces of "London Calling" in "The Fear"). Led by ex-Dub War frontman Benji, this British quartet make a new type of danceable metal by mixing the dancehall sound with some White Zombie/Static X technofied metal for a hip shaking, headbanging hell of a good time. Skindred may piss a lot of metal people off, but don't all groundbreaking bands eventually start off that way? If you're looking for something different, but definitively heavy, Skindred bring the sunshine to a generally grey metalhead world, and may be the most ambitious project this side of System of a Down.
- Mike SOS