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An all-star album of sorts, Wicked Wisdom pairs the unlikely duo of Fishbone’s drummer with Will Smith’s wife to form a metal band. And while this sounds like a subplot to a VH-1 reality show, the self-titled 10-track affair is in fact a full-fledged metal act, having cut its teeth on last year’s Ozzfest. Taking pages from female aggro bands like Kittie, Otep, and My Ruin, Jada Pinkett Smith holds her own vocally as the nu-metal swirl of tracks like “Forgiven” and “Bleed All Over Me” resonates through the speakers. Getting hard and lacing the tracks with profanity on songs like “Yesterday Don’t Mean” and “Something Inside of Me” seems a bit forced, but the music underneath seethes with unadulterated rage, even when Ms. Smith’s anger isn’t up to snuff. While Wicked Wisdom may be viewed as somewhat of a novelty, it definitely beats out Dogstar and comes close to 30 Seconds to Mars in terms of credible actors playing semi-credible music.
- Mike SOS