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Mode is an Oklahoma trio whose punk meets metal delivery sounds like DRI jamming with Venom, as the crossover vocals found throughout this 10-track endeavor are gleefully off center and fit the chaotic motif that songs like “Stallin’ 4 Time” and “E.O.A.” quite well (not to mention that the drummer is the lead singer, a cumbersome task to say the least). Songs like the point-blank “It’s A Lie” and the rebellious “Anti” embody the group’s anarchistic tendencies, while the upbeat “Pig Stomp” takes pages from Gwar musically while retaining a hard political stance lyrically. These guys are bursting with attitude and brimming over with early hardcore and punk’s revolutionary spirit, a nuance that all but overrides the outfit’s monochromatic minimalist metal approach and gives them the leeway to growl off key, drill bludgeoningly redundant riffs in your head, and ultimately come off way more cheesy than intended.
- Mike SOS