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Displaying the never say die attitude of true rock warriors, Miami’s Nonpoint have returned with its fourth release, the 14-track TO THE PAIN. Stripping its sound down to the bare essentials and leaning on the heavier side of the fence for this album, this quartet’s angst-ridden nu metal attitude and Latin musical roots are the two most distinguished parts of this disc. The band, who’ve been through its share of music industry nightmares, project all of its aggression on tracks like the title cut, “Bullet With a Name” and “The Wreckoning”, while breaking into some Spanish rock flare on tracks like “Buscandome”, the funky “The Longest Beginning” and the atmospheric instrumental “Rendition”. Much like their buddies in Sevendust, Nonpoint regrouped from the business atrocities, got back on track musically, and put out an album that channels the veritable unit’s unique talents and warranted hostility. If you were disappointed by Ill Nino and bored with POD, Nonpoint is the perfect alternative.
- Mike SOS