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Finnish metal troupe Hevein’s radically mature sound combines the metal attack of bands like Trivium with the ethereal effects of bands like Moonspell, truly whipping up its own hybrid version of today’s top metal band’s output. From the relentless assault of “Bleed the Day” to the blistering Children of Bodom-esque “Break Out the Hammers”, when it boils down to heavy, this band can run with the big dogs. Adding cellos and violins (Apocalyptica’s Max Lilja is a welcomed addition to the fold) only increases the group’s unique smattering of symphonic savagery and complex chaos, making the staccato In Flames-esque outpouring of “Beg to Differ” quite the enriching entity while allowing “Only Human” to relish in an ambient aesthetic that melds the wares of the likes of Opeth. SOUND OVER MATTER is a triumphant debut from a band that sturdily built its foundations from nuances that other bands often utilize, but often fail in ultimately hitting its mark. No flubs or awkwardness here, folks, just a tried and true solid all around effort that fans of all shades of metal should warmly embrace.
- Mike SOS