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As if you couldn't tell by the album's title, Single Bullet Theory is a metal band that plays just a tad more evil than usual. This Philadelphia based quartet have got a lot of touring under its belt, and the tightness of the 10 tracks display this cohesion, as the band's grinding breakdowns and searing choruses showcase a band built like a machine, churning out heavy, aggressive metal. Flawless production done by a man that knows a thing or two about metal helps, too, and when Death's James Murphy is twiddling the knobs, you know you're in for a hellacious ride. Add in a drummer whose double bass antics don't quit, thunderous bass and jolting guitars, and a vocal style that effortlessly goes from falsetto shrill to death metal scream without skipping a beat, and you've got a potent metal band on your hands. Single Bullet Theory is rising from the metal underground and is ready to crush all in its path, so be prepared for the onslaught.
- Mike SOS