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Swedish stoner rock troupe Truckfighters kick out the jams something fierce on the quartet’s 13-track, near 70-minute explosively enthralling excursion. Meshing the desert rock wares of Kyuss, the spacey blues nuances of Nebula, the haunting melodies of Queens of the Stone Age, and the bombastic might of Cathedral, Truckfighters entangle the listener into its fuzzed-out world laden with hypnotic grooves on tracks like “Superfunk”, the delightfully titled “Gweedo-Weedo”, and “Momentum”. The inside of the CD suggests achieving GRAVITY X’s maximum enjoyment via avoiding distraction by listening in a comfortable environment while guaranteeing playing the record sans interruption. Throw in a few choice substances and some black light and you’ve got yourself an instant party liable to wake the neighbors and alert the proper officials. Give yourself some time to love this album, and it will love you back tenfold. A must have for stoner rock fans worldwide.
- Mike SOS